• Activities with us

Activities at Lyckegården

With us, you will be offered a variety of activities and experiences.

If you have questions or want more information, contact us via e-mail.
All rates are per person, including VAT

Horse 1,5 hour 3 hour

Full day about 6 hours

Crafts 100 SEK - -
Crafts & Riding 450 SEK 600 SEK 850 SEK
Horse & Carriage 150 SEK    
Painting Workshop 2 hour         half day incl refreshments    full day incl refreshments
Create free 200 SEK 300 SEK 400 SEK
Create free for children 100 SEK 150 SEK 200 SEK
Vedic Art Education      
Vedic Art Course      

Access til supplies

(paints, brushes, etc.) 

50 SEK / person

Canvas at cost


Walking with

Nature capable leader

  1,5 hour

3 hour

    100 SEK 200 SEK

Training / Exercise

with the farm activities

  1,5 timme

3 timmar

 For example, hay, wood, fence, etc..   100 SEK

 200 SEK


(rod available for rent, but otherwise
Supplies ready you yourself)

  1,5 hour

3 hour

Fishing rod + mesh   100 SEK 200 SEK


associated with the activity



Lightweight (coffee / juice / tea, bun, fruit)   50 SEK



Brunch (eggs, herring, cold cuts, bread,
green, beverage, coffee / tea)


100 SEK


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